Kareem Pedro

Chief Audio Engineer

Age: 30
Experience: 15 years
Specialization: Audio Engineering

    About Me

    Growing up in the United States Virgin Islands, there were not many opportunities available in the field of audio. However, Kareem was determined to become a contender among fellow audio professionals and own a recording studio. Nevertheless, he received his certification in Audio Engineering & Music Production from the Recording Radio & Film Connection. Finally, he performs professional audio recording, mixing and mastering services. on a regular basis. Kareem decided a change had to be made. In 2008, he moved to San Antonio Texas where he developed his own unique sound. He immediately swept into the local scene and began making a name for himself. His determination meant he had to succeed and share his god-given talent. Kareem is leading the way in audio within his area and across the country.

    It is important to be paired with an individual that is courteous of your vision and knows the tools needed to achieve it. Over a 15-year time span, he has been able to collaborate with many artists on a variety of projects. Not only does Kareem pride himself on delivering superb quality in product, but also in service. Above all, he believes the client should be made the ultimate priority and does everything in his power to meet their needs. He puts the client in front of his own ideology and exercises great service before self. In conclusion, his extensive customer friendly approach has made him a true asset to the clients he serves. Kareem’s a true asset to any client based on his extensive knowledge and background in recording and post-production.

    Kareem is the real deal. He is a true professional at his craft and is the flagship engineer of Red Corner studios. Kareem’s brilliant ear for sound and dedication to duty makes him the ideal fit for any client.


    Personal Address:

    “I am a lover of all things music. Recording and mixing music is a skill that I love and have all my life. Music creation came to me through a late friend and great rapper named Philip Austin. He is the reason I do what I do today. It has been my priority to become a great mixer. I hold a very extensive background in genres such as R&B, Hip-Hop, Reggae, and Gospel. The same goes for studio equipment whether it be consoles, hardware units, or modern-day software. Music is life. No one can deny the positive effects it  has on the world we live in”.

    “Furthermore, I know that comfortability is key when creativity is required. I experienced the great joy of collaborating with artists from around the world who all hold different views on music. What sets me apart is my ability to think outside the box, and willingness to break traditional rules when it is fitting. I am not afraid of limitations. I push others to do their very best beyond their own expectations. Again, every artist has a story to tell, and it is up to us audio professionals to make sure that message is communicated. Most people never find their true purpose in life, and for that I am grateful that I found mine”.

    “You must take control of your art and solidify your destiny. No one is going to value your career more than yourself. Come to Red Corner. Allow us to transform your sound create your own individual lane in the music industry. You cannot afford to have your music misrepresented in any way. You also have the right to experience doing business with professional and qualified establishment such as ours”


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