Like most things in life, the quality of an item or service start at the very beginning. The same concept applies to audio and the creation of an industry standard production. Acquiring a high quality recording should always be the focus when an artist begins the creation of their new track. This high-level recording is achieved through the use of first-class equipment, great acoustical space creative recording techniques, and experienced professionals.

At Red Corner Studios, we have made it a priority to utilize equipment that provides clients with the absolute best results. The gear used have been tested over time by recording studios of all statures, and have solidified their place in the audio world. The utmost care has been placed on the decisions of mic selection, mic placement, preamps and compressors. Aside from the equipment used, artists should feel comfortable and enjoy their recording experience. The recording location is extremely quiet and private in nature. Clients are comfortable visiting us knowing they will be safe and their privacy will be respected. It should be a session filled with creativity and originality. Our experienced engineers are also involved in the artist’s recording performance as well. They advise the recording artist on different ways to deliver their performance and offer a different perspective that could bring about new ideas.


The mixing element to audio comes after all parts have been adequately recorded. The art of mixing is not something that should be taken lightly. Aside from the recording process, it can be seen as being the most important part of delivering a quality record. It involved taking all the recorded elements of a song and establishing a balance that supports the overall vision. The implementation of special effects is also used to paint a picture for the listener. Our mixing is mostly conducted through the use of software plugins with a few analog components. The tools involved provide us the ability to provide clients with any sound they desire. Here at Red Corner, we off two types of mixing (partial and complete). A partial mix involved mixing multiple individual vocal tracks over a single consolidated beat. This is a typical approach artists take when putting together an independent mixtape and cover song. A complete mix has the individual vocal tracks as well as a separated instrumental. What this means is that each instrument that is present in the beat will occupy its own track. The combination of all these tracks is how the engineer will piece the beat together. This offers us complete creative control over the instrumentation and gives us the ability to operate without limits.

A producer and artist can get together and make something they feel is a hit. A good mix is gonna make sure the public feels the same. Engineers are the x factor when it comes to delivering the sonic vision accurately to the world.

– Russ



Mastering is the final step of the audio production process. It is the process of preparing a mixed song to be distributed to the world. There are a number of processes that occur in order to appropriately develop the master. First off, your mixed song must be at an appropriate level of loudness that is able to complete with other forms of mainstream media. Music listeners typically react positively to music that is delivered at a high amplification. Secondly, a great master provides a song with an even more balanced sound than a final mix. This balance will ensure the music translated well across numerous type of music sources. Red Corner offers clients complimentary mastering of all mixes when requested. We want to make sure we provide artists with the best product possible that exceeds all their expectations.



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